Lifecycle Management

Policy Management

Enables your users to have continuous access to the data they need to work effectively and efficiently, without exposing your business to endpoint security risk.

  • Minimise the risk of user error compromising endpoints by tightly controlling who can do what with specific endpoints. Includes user action and connectivity to WiFi and external devices.
  • Prevent data theft or accidental loss, and the harm caused to your business. This includes preventing endpoints from being duplicated.
  • Reduce attack surfaces and mitigate the risk of users being targeted by threat actors – endpoints, particularly those accessed by remote users, are hot targets for cybercriminals.
  • Automated user and process-defined rules are developed with you to strike a balance between productivity and essential data access, and maintain the most robust security posture.
  • Endpoint security policies are designed, implemented, and enforced by Sentis. Access the expert skills of our team for peace of mind that policies are watertight and account for the very latest threats and user behaviour trends.
  • Centralised management from an intuitive dashboard.

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