Managed SOC

Managed SOC

Best protect your business from the effects of security-induced downtime, data compromise and financial loss with a Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC).

  • Continuous monitoring to reduce the time taken to neutralise security threats.
  • Prioritise incidents based on business impact and receive clear action directives.
  • Escalate incident response for Red Threats, and automate deployment of countermeasures where possible.
  • Aggregate data from all IT infrastructure and correlate into coordinated alerts and comprehensive reports, with special focus on evasive tactics and dwelling threats.
  • Post-incident analysis to understand improvements to security posture.
  • Single platform for a 360 birds-eye view, with extensive data to drill down on.
  • A prerequisite of meeting many compliance and governance regulations.

Monitoring and diffusing cyberthreats within your company network alone is no longer enough. As threat actors and their attacks become more evasive and hard-hitting, and wider IT and data estates expand potential vulnerabilities, a change in approach is imperative.

A Managed SOC helps you to understand risk in real-time and combat security threats immediately. It combines complex monitoring technology, up-to-the-minute threat intelligence and proactive, expert analysis of activity across your entire IT infrastructure. This includes not just your company network, but any services and devices being used in business operations too.

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