Lifecycle Management

Inventory Management

Enables you to view inventory in real-time across all hardware and software assets within your network and understand your risks and opportunities in minutes.

  • A comprehensive list of all endpoints in one place – no more spreadsheets, data silos or suspicions around endpoints.
  • Active and passive discovery in real-time across every network segment.
  • Locate remote devices with just an Internet connection – no VPN required.
  • Extensive service mapping tools to uncover how and when endpoints are used, providing you actionable insights that can be used to fine-tune ROI, improve uptime and even reinforce security.
  • Discover unknown or potentially malicious access points as and when they appear on your network, and take swift action to either add to inventory or disconnect from the network.
  • Reconcile all endpoint inventory data to make sense of rapidly expanding estates, even across hybrid or multi-cloud architectures.
  • Managed by Sentis 24/7, freeing your team up to focus on building strategy from the insights delivered.

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