Lifecycle Management

Compliance Management

Ensures that every device in your network is used as per the specific compliance requirements you are bound to.

  • Proactively and continuously assess the compliance risks your business is exposed to, with findings delivered in real time.
  • Quickly identify and automatically lock down endpoints based on rules devised with you and managed by Sentis. Including the use of USBs and blacklisted or unknown app installation to reduce attack surface
  • Compile findings and advice regarding endpoint security to act proactively and rapidly should compliance position be at risk of compromise
  • Demonstrate compliance with centrally collected monitoring and reporting data in one intuitive dashboard
  • Get the prevention tools, actionable insights and response solutions to minimise downtime and gain peace of mind that compliance position is defended
  • All dashboards and data are visible by you, with Sentis managing the day-to-day tasks, freeing up your team to focus on strategic compliance initiatives

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