Content Filtering

Content Filtering

Make your network safer and keep your workforce in motion by protecting your business from external internet-based threats.

Our email and web filtering solutions intercept and block evasive threats hidden within emails and webpages – relentless attack vectors that are among the most difficult to spot and depend heavily on user vigilance. Sentis recommends pairing our threat filtering solutions with security awareness training and testing as part of a robust security strategy.

  • Keep your business safe from malicious email content, with intelligent detection, analysis and advanced sandboxing technology.
  • Diffuse encrypted threats within seemingly safe communications.
  • Remove the need to clear inboxes of spam, saving time and resource.
  • Avoid Trojans, spyware, ransomware and other web-based malware from infecting your network and causing downtime.
  • Protect your employees from falling victim to scam websites and content, ensuring duty of care is in place while driving productivity from the workforce.
  • Restrict access based on users, groups and timeframes to allow a wide range of configurable options.
  • Obtain detailed reports on usage and traffic across your business Internet, with tools to prioritise bandwidth for work functions.
  • Available across all remote and on-site devices including mobile, tablet and BYOD endpoints. Email and web filtering are critical for any home WiFi user.

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