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How to Secure your Business’ Digital Expansion

5 data-backed tactics for de-risking digital transformation and keeping control of expanding data and application estates.

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5 Ways you Could be Overspending on Security

Can you make cybersecurity savings without weakening defences? Get the answer and 5 specification tips for proportionate security.

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2023 Ransomware Survival Guide

The must-know strategic and operational advice for surviving the ransomware epidemic and protecting data, continuity and profits.

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How Vulnerable is your Hybrid Workforce?

Quickly find out if weak points have developed in your hybrid infrastructure or workforce without you noticing.

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Strategic technology priorities
for legal and professional services

Faster cyberthreat detection and response

Threat actors are more sophisticated and determined – and finance is their top target. Prevent catastrophic losses and profit-draining downtime by knowing about and preparing for specific threats before they hit hard.

Robust protection from data loss and theft

Data is your biggest asset – but can be your biggest weakness. Guarantee compliance and prevent data breaches with data security strategies that intelligently balance productivity and protection.

Business growth by leveraging technology

Customers demand fast digital service and competitors are prioritising technology modernisation. Keep your bottom line growing with cleverly-specified IT that streamlines tasks and delivers faster service.

Low risk and secure digital modernisation

Digital modernisation can create new in-roads for exploitation if you’re not careful. Have peace of mind in your improvements and benefit faster by taking a security-first approach to every technology change.

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    Recommended IT solutions for legal and professional services

    Advanced threat detection & response

    • Endpoint and Network Threat Detection and Response
    • Security Information and Event Management
    • Vulnerability scanning
    • Advanced antivirus and anti-ransomware

    Data protection and governance

    • Encryption in rest and transit
    • Immutable cloud backups
    • Permissions and governance management
    • Email and web browser security

    Hybrid workplace security training

    • Guided security awareness training
    • Cyber Essentials certification
    • Browser-based phishing simulation testing
    • Hybrid workforce incident response

    Digital change consultancy

    • IT infrastructure audits
    • Digital transformation roadmaps
    • Application cloud rehosting and modernisation
    • Project management and recovery

    “We’re excited to take our next growth leap which is now possible with our purpose-built systems. Knowing expert help is only a call away is a benefit we couldn’t live without.”


    “I was really impressed by Sentis’ offering and what they’d achieved for clients. With their help, we’re excited to take our next growth leap which is possible with our purpose-built systems. And knowing expert help is only a call away is a benefit we couldn’t live without.”

    DataLase, Widnes, North West UK

    “What I want from my IT is for everything to work as it should, when we need it to. The guys at Sentis get that and have taken all the worry off my shoulders. As well as disaster recovery and communications, Sentis also provide helpdesk, antivirus and monitoring services.”

    Ashdowne Oil and Chemicals, Warrington, North West UK

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