Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management

Governs endpoints from being approved for use, to being phased out or upgraded. So, you have a complete and real-time view of asset status at any one point and can easily see how budget and performance are connected to endpoint assets.

  • Enhance security posture and reduce costs associated with inefficiencies and EoL support implementations, by never running endpoints beyond their recommended lifecycle.
  • Boost productivity by proactively and strategically upgrading or phasing out technologies that no longer suit the demands and goals of your business and its users.
  • Make managing warranties and vendors easier, with a complete view of timelines, costs, and conditions in a few clicks.
  • Fine-tune endpoint lifecycle planning and budgeting, to bypass overspending or cost inefficiency and choose the most impactful time to make a change.
  • Reconcile all endpoint lifecycle data in one dashboard, to better control hybrid or multi-cloud architectures.
  • Managed by Sentis 24/7, freeing your team up to focus on building strategy from the insights delivered.

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