Application Whitelisting

Application Whitelisting

Increase operational resiliency and the availability of your core business functions with zero-trust application whitelisting.

By only allowing the “known good” to be installed, used and configured on your endpoints and networks, you can significantly increase protection against one of today’s most sophisticated cyberthreats.

  • Specify and enforce an approved index of applications or file types that have been vetted by you for business function and threat management. This includes app versions, configurations and user privileges.
  • Better identify potential and developing threats by gaining visibility of a “what good looks like” baseline, with a readily available inventory of all apps and app versions on your systems.
  • Minimise the opportunity for shadow IT, which is a major source of security risk, productivity drain and budget inefficiency.
  • Have faith in your security posture by adding an extra layer of protection against dwelling ransomware. Our solution continually monitors for tiny changes to app files – a key indicator of infection and imminent attack.
  • Keep control of your security budget, prove compliance adherence and improve knowledge continuity with robust application change management processes.

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