About Us

About Us

Sentis Managed Solutions was borne out of a passion for helping businesses better understand technology and ensure that they benefit from the latest developments in the sometimes complex world of IT.

Combined with our strong belief that top notch customer service is key, we bring together a proven approach and methodology that results in easy to use, reliable services that you will understand and appreciate.

We bring many years of both business and technology experience to the table and use it to drive measurable value and return on your investment.

We understand business
With many years of experience running businesses, our approach ensures that your IT strategy aligns with your business strategy to create a cost-effective, common sense approach to addressing your needs.

Taking the Techie out of Technology
We explain things in simple terms to ensure that you understand how our solutions will drive positive change in your business. We help you understand how to harness today’s available technology to drive your business forward and improve your bottom line.

Sharing passion, knowledge and experience
At Sentis, we are passionate about helping businesses take advantage of today’s technology. Take advantage of our industry knowledge and experience to improve your IT today.

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