Our Core Values

Sentis Managed Solutions was borne out of a passion for helping every business benefit from the latest developments in IT. Our core values guide how we drive your business forward, improve your bottom line and make working with an IT MSP a true pleasure.

  • Solutions


    We’re curious tech professionals and our passion is helping you to drive measurable value and return from your IT. So, it makes sense that our default mission is to find a robust, futureproof and bespoke solution to any query or complexity that emerges – whether you’re a new customer or existing client. We steer away from workarounds, and strive to implement a solution that is resolved quickly, but delivers long-term enhancements to your environment’s security and usability.

  • Honesty


    You can trust Sentis to offer strategic guidance and honest advice for your IT and be open and forthcoming in every communication. We have a strong belief that transparency is key to effective, fulfilling business relationships and we prioritise delivering easy to use, reliable services that you will understand and easily see value from. Managing IT services is fast-paced and intricate, and we are upfront about how we collaborate with partners and suppliers to achieve results and resolutions.

  • Integrity


    We think outside the box but never lose sight of what matters at the core – integrity. Doing the right thing, in a principled manner, and taking a common-sense approach guides how Sentis’ services are delivered. We “take the techie out of technology” so you, your business strategy and IT budget are always best represented. Integrity is a cornerstone of our recruitment process, where we seek out talented people with real passion – you can’t teach passion!

  • No blame

    No blame

    We face our accountability head-on and focus on delivering service with your best interests at heart. We want you to be with us for the long run, and key to that is mutual trust where our responsibilities are sacred. To us, each challenge is an opportunity to become even better at servicing our clients, and our number one priority is always resolution. So, we encourage and empower our teams to have candid, productive conversations over pointing blame.

  • Empathy


    IT is everything and even a brief time without it working to full performance can be worrying and stressful. Sentis understands the big picture and values your experience over all else, believing empathy is just as important as technical explanations (we’re all only human!) We appreciate that investing in something new or changing IT providers can be a leap of faith. We go the extra mile to assure you – getting to know you as professionals and people and being a partner you can lean on for honest advice and support.

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