The Value of Good Service

Service has become something of a business buzzword. Everyone knows how important good service is and a lot of companies promise it, but very few really deliver it.

The term ’service’ is used in three different ways

1) Providing a service rather than a physical product. For example a haircut, home insurance or outsourced IT.

2) As an extra when you buy a product. For example, the car dealership may provide yearly services as part of the purchase.

3) The level of assistance and advice provided by a company to their customers. This is also known as customer service.

As providers of IT services, it is our job to deliver on numbers 1 and 3. We provide an exceptional IT service and a friendly and helpful customer service. The only way to ensure loyal and satisfied customers is by going the extra mile. Being competent isn’t good enough, you must deliver excellent service.


What is Value?

 Value is another business term with multiple meanings. It can refer to the monetary worth of something (whether or not it was a good deal) and it can refer to the importance, quality or usefulness of something.

What makes the service or product you provide valuable, in every sense of the word? What is it that makes your customers think they scored a great deal and purchased something really useful? Something they simply couldn’t do without?

For us at Sentis, it’s about understanding our client’s individual needs and ensuring we meet them every time. Value is delivering to expectation and providing an unbeatable service. And to make sure we continue to provide uninterrupted value, we hold regular (monthly/quarterly) review meetings with each of our clients.


What is Good Service?

There is no one way to define good customer service. What makes a service ’good’ truly depends on the values and principles of the customer. One customer may consider a friendly chat good enough, while another may need you to go that extra mile before they are satisfied.

Therefore being flexible, adaptable and intuitive will help you deliver excellent service, whatever it looks like to that customer. You must remember that every customer is unique, so you can’t follow set rules. You can however start by being polite, attentive and helpful, and take it from there.


What does good service mean to you? Call us on 0800 652 0804 or email today to find out how we can meet your expectations.