The Benefits of External IT Support to SMEs


Many companies are now outsourcing some of their key operations. Doing so allows them to offload some of the responsibilities of running a business to a team of experts, and make better use of their resources.

Outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of your existing staff, external companies often work well as an extension of the internal team. You might just need additional support and expertise on a more flexible basis. In fact, using external IT support allows your existing team to add value back into the business. They know the company inside out, and can focus on systems instead of IT platforms.


The Main Advantages of External IT Support


Cost Savings – Outsourcing your IT support can significantly reduce your operational and recruitment costs.

With outsourced IT support, you only pay for what you use. So rather than funding several full-time IT staff salaries, you can pay-as-you go.

Hiring new staff is always an expensive and time-consuming process. The cost of recruiting, training and inducting new staff can eat into your budget.


Expertise and Knowledge – If you outsource to the right company, you’ll have access to experts with extensive skills, knowledge and experience.

You’ll have support from individuals with knowledge of a whole range of areas, as well as more specialist team members.

In addition, every member of the outsource team will be constantly learning about new technologies and earning professional qualifications.


Flexibility – Outsourced IT support is generally very flexible. You can reduce/increase the level of service you receive as your company evolves.

Flexible IT services are also very useful if you have diverse needs. The in-house team may not be able to support all your technologies. Make sure these technologies are covered, without going through the tedious recruitment process, by using an external team.


Minimising Risk

Risk is an inevitable part of business and risk-analysis an essential part of management. Outsourcing IT services can help to minimise risk in a number of ways.

First; the outsourced company will take on certain responsibilities, and thus certain risks. Risk-sharing in this way takes some of the pressure off you.

Second; as specialists in their field; the outsourced team will have a deeper understanding of the risks. They will be up to date with the continually changing landscape of IT and aware of potential compliance issues. This knowledge means they are better equipped to plan for and avoid certain risks, like data leaks and server downtime.

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