Benefits of the Cloud

You’ve probably heard the term ’cloud’ thrown about quite a lot recently, especially if you work in an industry that relies on IT. Everyone seems to be quite excited about this ’new’ technology. But do you know exactly what it is? And how it can benefit your business? Read on to find out…

What is Cloud Computing?

In its most simplified terms, the ’cloud’ is the internet. More specifically, it is a network of servers, each with their own unique function. Some servers store data, others run applications.

Cloud computing means you access programs and save files over the internet, rather than on your computer’s hard drive. Social networking sites, email, online storage (like Dropbox) and Google docs all operate within the cloud.

The Benefits

Is all the hype surrounding the cloud just a storm in a teacup (sorry!) or should we all be embracing this technology? In this case we think the excitement is justified and we’re not alone. Many businesses – big and small – have moved over to the cloud, here’s why:

1. It makes good financial sense.
The cloud is much more cost-effective than traditional computing. Where once upon a time, businesses had to buy expensive hardware now they don’t have to buy any at all (except computers, of course)! As for software, on the cloud you only pay for what you use – which makes it possible to scale up and down as budget allows.

2. Practically unlimited storage.
Hard-drives, flash drives, external hard drives, CDs… all these physical storage devices have limited space. The cloud however offers unlimited storage capacity so you’ll never have to choose between holiday photos and historical accounting files again.

3. It reduces risk.
There are a huge amount of risks associated with complex IT infrastructures. But if you work in the cloud and disaster strikes, you’re able to get back on your feet very quickly. Cloud computing providers take care of risk assessment and prevention, leaving you to deal with the important business of running your business.

4. You can work from anywhere.
As long as you have internet access you can work from anywhere at any time on any device. This allows you and your employees a more flexible work schedule thus improving productivity and general well-being. Employees stuck at home on a snowy day? No problem and no lost revenue!