Exceptionally scalable networking infrastructure for geographically disparate organisations that need to be super-responsive, resilient to change and drive ambitious digital transformation.

  • Ideal for multisite and hybrid organisations, with secure remote connections to applications a core objective.
  • Use IT budgets more strategically and make spend go further by diversifying network links. Use cost-effective broadband and 4G networks for lower priority traffic and deploy MPLS for resource requiring greater bandwidth and guaranteed uptime.
  • Extend and finetune connectivity performance while reinforcing overall business security posture, with security and access policies built into network architecture.
  • Ensure exceptional user experience and high productivity by automatically prioritising traffic flow based on how your network is being used and your business objectives. This includes telecoms, collaboration software and core applications.
  • Achieve unparalleled network security across distributed workforces while boosting application performance. Centralised security delivers end-to-end network encryption encompassing every location and endpoint.
  • Scale and change network architecture rapidly and with total control thanks to zero-touch and 4G/5G SD-WAN deployment.
  • Better understand where business improvements and IT efficiencies can be made with a unified network performance dashboard and monthly reports.

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