Mobile Data Backups

Sentis’ mobile data backup service provides an automatic 4G backup should fibre optic broadband be unavailable or experiencing a performance drop that affects core business applications.

  • Introduce an additional layer of resiliency in the broadband that powers your business functions.
  • Ensure that remote home workers are unaffected by patchy or inconsistent home broadband, and can continue to access high-performing applications when pressure is placed on home bandwidth.
  • A cost-effective backup option for an essential business continuity function.
  • Tailored 4G data allowance brokered by Sentis, with varying allowances for specific users depending on their business impact or function.
  • Seamless switch between fibre and 4G – no downtime or onus placed on staff to manually switch between mobile hot-spotting, dongles, or other solutions that may affect service delivery.
  • Strong carrier and vendor partnerships enable us to secure competitive plans and packages that match your business needs for a fair cost.

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