Gamma Horizon

Gamma Horizon

Leverage the benefits of cloud-based telephony with a fast, accessible and easy to manage complete business phone system.  

  • Extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, accessed via an easy-to-use web portal.
  • Complete management of all functions and devices, across multiple global sites and down to user level.
  • Enable interoperability between mobile handsets and fixed phones, making budget work harder while enhancing communication, time efficiency and customer service.
  • Contact centre capabilities including queue management, receptionist console, management reporting, and a complete Contact Centre feature.
  • Quality of a fixed line but with the agility, unification and cost benefits of cloud-based telephony.
  • Use Microsoft Teams as a Horizon endpoint to make and receive telephone calls, allowing you to leverage existing Microsoft infrastructure while meeting complex telephony requirements.
  • Expand your digital customer services with confidence.
  • Support across your entire Gamma Horizon solution, from individual handsets to hardware installation and network performance.

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