3CX Telephony

3CX Telephony

A cost-effective solution to increase the flexibility, agility, and management control of your office phone system. 3CX runs on-premises on Windows or Linux, easily scales and can be migrated to the cloud as your business evolves.

  • Digitally transform telephony with enhanced telephony, browser-based video meetings, instant messaging and voice calling.
  • Enjoy enhanced productivity with intuitive contact centre features.
  • Integrate with your CRM to improve visibility and decision-making speed and effectiveness.
  • Achieve cost-effective, transformed telephony by deploying on an existing server or low-cost mini PC appliance.
  • Eliminate the management headaches and complex legacy infrastructure associated with older or proprietary systems.
  • Quick and easy user management, including outbound and inbound call rules, adding and removing users and voicemail management – all done remotely.
  • Unlimited extensions with no per extension licensing.
  • Retain control of your phone lines if necessary for location, performance or asset sweating.

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