Microsoft Dynamics Hosting

Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV are hugely popular ERP solutions and some of the UKs best known companies rely on them to run their businesses. Both AX and NAV are flexible, reliable and powerful when configured correctly, and as business critical applications, the hosting and infrastructure can’t let the software down.

The Sentis team has been involved in hundreds of ERP implementations over the course of the last two decades and are well placed to help you with Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV hosting. Our technical experts will not only deploy the actual infrastructure, but more fundamentally, will advise on what type of hosting is right for your business.

Private, public or on premise?

With an ever increasing onus on the cloud, it has almost become the defacto choice for software hosting. At Sentis, we make no assumptions about which approach is correct for your business and won’t push you to move to the cloud if it’s not right for you. Instead, our approach is to look at your business as a whole before making any suggestions.

There are a huge range of factors that will influence the decision about where to host Dynamics and it is only by understanding your business strategy and your future plans that we can advise on the best approach.

The number of users, physical locations or integrations with 3rd party software all play a part in choosing the best type of hosting for you.

For example, for a business with a single facility and existing hardware, an on-premise solution might be the logical approach. But if the same business has an external supplier that integrates with their ERP, then the cloud might be more obvious.

If the cloud is deemed to be the right approach, then what kind of cloud is the next question. Concerns over data security or multi-tenant hosting environments would suggest a private cloud, but if some data is less sensitive then you could adopt a hybrid cloud model in order to make some cost savings.

Whatever the end solution looks like, the only sure-fire way to get it right is to take the time to understand the needs of the business first.

At Sentis, we insist on carrying out a full audit before making any recommendations. That approach has helped many of our customers make significant savings and see a marked improvement in performance.

Beyond the design and deployment of the infrastructure, we offer a 24/7 helpdesk service and on-site support to ensure your ERP system is always on, and your business is always running.