SYSPRO Hosting

At Sentis Managed Solutions, we know SYSPRO hosting inside and out. Our team has been involved in more than 200 SYSPRO implementations over the past 20 years.

During that time, the options for hosting the ERP system have changed beyond measure. When we began, there was no option but to host SYSPRO on your own servers, at your premises. But as technology has changed, the options have improved to include dedicated cloud hosting, a hybrid cloud platform or even using Microsoft Azure to host SYSPRO.

While the options for hosting the system have changed, the underlying infrastructure remains the same. SYSPRO is not a true SAAS product in so far as it is not possible to buy a subscription, logon to a website and have the system ready to use. SYSPRO requires a much more involved approach and it makes sense to make that fit for your business.

For example, do you have five users or 50? Are your users all in one location or are they spread out over different facilities or even countries? It’s only by understanding your business and your requirements that it is possible to scope out exactly what your it will take to host your SYSPRO application properly.

Regardless of your needs and whether you host SYSPRO in house or on the cloud, the software requires the same elements to make it work:


With an on premise set up, a single server can deliver this (although we would recommend some form of backup). If you prefer to host your SYSPRO application in the cloud, then there are two ways to achieve this, IaaS or PaaS.

The level of available resources and technical capabilities of your IT team will often dictate which approach is right for your business.

At Sentis, we specialise in SYSPRO hosting and can work with your team to build exactly the infrastructure that you need. And with SYSPRO developing and changing, we’re make sure that we keep fully up to speed, to ensure your set up will continue to run smoothly if a feature changes.

Take a look at a project we carried out for a UK based manufacturer to see how we helped them save a five figure sum and improve the performance of their SYSPRO software.