Simulation Testing

Simulation Testing

Defend your business from costly human error with automated security awareness training tailored to your threat landscape, operations and user competency.

Sentis’ managed KnowBe4 phishing simulation solution is a market-leading security awareness tool designed to keep teams on their toes.

  • Simulate social engineering attacks such as phishing, to teach employees how to recognise communications-based threats as they’d appear in the real world.
  • Regular testing to raise vigilance and expand interception skills in line with how the cyberthreat landscape is evolving.
  • Use real examples of attempted attacks on your organisation or others to drive home the importance of being alert.
  • Ethical, discrete and constructive tests put the user’s best interests and development first, to ensure positive engagement and better security posture for your business.
  • Monitor performance and develop tailored training pathways dependent on scores and particular challenges.
  • Browser based for ease of install and application.

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