Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication

Ensure simple, safeguarded access to your network and operational functions across all business units, locations and teams.

  • Identity management is considered the firewall of the future, and MFA is your key tool in isolating your network, devices and applications from unauthorised access.
  • Sentis can help you develop an MFA strategy that leaves zero weak links or blind spots in your access perimeter, with staggered, automated processes enabling complete control of who is allowed to access what, and to what extent, within your network.
  • Context-driven AI capabilities search for anomalies in approved access permissions in the event of user compromise or an attempted insider attack.
  • This essential security layer is critical to preventing downtime and data loss, and maintaining service delivery across hybrid teams.
  • Our MFA solutions are designed to be robust but seamless, to maintain productivity and collaboration across systems.

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