Bitlocker Drive Encryption

Bitlocker Drive Encryption

Retain the privacy of sensitive business information and user data even in the event of a device being stolen or lost.

Sentis’ managed Bitlocker mitigates the risk of unauthorised data access and the operational and productivity losses stemming from inaccessible devices.

  • Bitlocker takes a device offline all while encrypting data and transferring the device’s hard disc to a secure backup of your choice, including another endpoint.
  • It also renders data inaccessible on decommissioned or recycled devices with Bitlocker installed.
  • For devices taken offline due to systems downtime or employee time off, for example, Bitlocker enables you to secure device startup with a personal identification number and multifactor authentication.
  • Sentis sets up automated Bitlocker management tasks, performed by your Windows operating system, to help enhance data security, improve security management efficiency and use a critical facet of IT budget more strategically.

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