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There’s an awful lot of information online about Manufacturing IT cybersecurity software. You spend time researching and reading, only to be left without an answer to your question or struggling to pick out what’s actually important to your business.

Manufacturers, we hear your frustrations. So, we’ve compiled the must-know information about the security software and processes that are most important to your industry. Keep reading for all the details.

Firewall: Increases the resilience of your digital perimeter and stops malicious third parties from accessing your network and the valuable data, operational systems and business applications it hosts.

Antivirus: Intercepts harmful viruses and other malware from infecting and disabling your systems and business applications. Shields you from one of the most common cyberthreats.

Email filtering: Identifies and blocks malicious email content such as infected files and some spam emails in real time, reducing network downtime and mitigating staff errors.

Web filtering: Ensures that duty of care is in place while driving workforce productivity. Helps you to avoid advanced web-based threats from disabling both online and offline systems.

Anti-ransomware: Provides an added layer of protection to network devices, protecting you from one of the fastest growing and most difficult to diffuse issues faced by manufacturers today.

Security patch management: Have you ever assumed that you’re protected against cyberthreats because you have security software installed? Think again! Without updates, the same software that’s meant to protect you from cyberthreats could actually increase your vulnerability.


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A security patch management SaaS (Software as a Service) solution like that provided by Sentis, provides that crucial management layer needed for effective IT security. With the click of a button, we get a complete view of your IT world, report on status and identify any issues.

A SaaS solution will also manage all updates and approvals automatically, streamlining this arduous but absolutely essential daily task.

If you do one thing…

Ensure that your staff receive robust, continual and up-to-date cybersecurity training. After all, the best tool in defeating the myriad of cyberthreats is an educated and united workforce. Staff training can help you to:

  • Raise awareness of dangerous and manufacturing-specific cyberthreats
  • Improve compliance and meet your customers’ cybersecurity criteria
  • Ensure that staff can recognise breaches, malware and other cyberthreats and
    respond appropriately
  • Build a culture of security competence

For more about how cybersecurity risk can be mitigated in any manufacturing business, download our free IT Guide for Manufacturers. Or, for help taking control of manufacturing IT cybersecurity software in your business, please contact Sentis Managed Solutions on 0345 862 2930 or click here.

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