Is your ERP Failing you?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is the backbone of any manufacturer – allowing you to run, manage and integrate business operations from a central point. But it’s not just about keeping the lights on and the engines running – is your ERP failing you completely?. Your ERP can be a key player in helping you to grow and overcome several potentially disruptive manufacturing problems.

The data it collects, organises and analyses informs decision making at all levels of a company to provide a competitive advantage and reduce harmful silos. It goes without saying, then, that a lacklustre ERP can have the opposite effect.

When was the last time you reviewed your ERP? It could easily be failing you in these five areas, putting you on the cusp of some major disruption.

1. Can’t meet complex needs. To sustain competitiveness, your ERP should be an intelligent workhorse.
2. Has unreliable integration. Don’t waste time and money using separate systems. Benefit from powerful automation instead.
3. Can’t accommodate change. This industry faces rapid, frequent change. The right ERP will make this an opportunity, not a disruption.
4. Isn’t configured for success. No two manufacturers are the same. So, that out-of- the-box ERP will fall short and leave you at risk of cyberattack.
5. Is difficult to install and use. Remove any unnecessary barrier to full utilisation – your operations and bank balance will thank you.


Maslow's Hierarchy of ERP Procurement


It’s not just the big changes that can make a significant difference. Follow this advice and speak to an IT provider specialising in ERP for manufacturing for an ERP that’s always delivering on its investment.

  • Server hardware. Check that your ERP is tuned to your specification, paying particular attention to hard drives, memory and CPU. This planning and specifying applies whether you’re using on-premise server hardware, or cloud-based hardware.
  • Databases. Ensure that indexes are set correctly, and queries are defined to achieve optimum performance.
  • Network. Test that your network, switch, cabling and WiFi is configured optimally throughout your entire business. It all has a knock-on effect.
  • Remote users. Check how users working outside of the office are opening your ERP. VPN or remote desktop may deliver better results.
  • End user devices. If possible, try not to invest the bare minimum. The devices used to access your ERP can have a big impact on productivity.

Is your ERP failing you? Or do you need advice about how to future-proof your business management systems? Speak to Sentis Managed Solutions on 0345 862 2930 or click here, or for more about IT in manufacturing, download our free IT Guide for Manufacturers.

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