Did your data backup work last night?

Did your data backup work last night?

In today’s fast paced economy, software applications are critical for running and managing a business.

A typical business stores transactions, orders, invoices, stock, HR & personnel data and other business critical information on IT systems. This makes sense, as doing so enables faster decision making and better integration of information across the business.

As systems become smarter, and more integrated, businesses rely on these systems and the data within them more and more.

Ensuring a valid and secure backup of data and systems is key to recovering from IT failures and other disasters, but many business leaders don’t know whether their data backup is successful or not.

We’ve audited many businesses’ data backup solutions over the years and we’ve come across many that were not working. Whether due to hardware failures, power issues, software problems or human error, the common problem was a lack of pro-active checking and management.

The importance of being able to recover IT systems and data from disaster should not be underestimated. We’ve seen a number of businesses fail due to an inability to recover IT systems and data from disaster. No matter what your IT challenges are, this is number one on the list of things to get right.

If you’re unsure about your data backup speak to us. We have a wide range of solutions and monitoring services to ensure consistent and reliable data backup, reducing your risk and protecting your business.