Business Grade Internet

Many businesses in the UK suffer from poor Internet performance. This is because most small businesses don’t budget enough for Internet connectivity in today’s modern world.

Consumer products adapted for business 10 – 15 years ago made financial sense when email and electronic communication was in its infancy. But now that businesses are paying suppliers and receiving orders electronically, and taking advantage of cloud and hosting services, having ’Business Grade’ Internet connectivity is key to surviving in the modern economy.

The latest fibre offering now being made available to businesses is simply the modern version of copper broadband widely in use across the UK. It is a consumer product that has been adapted for business and still suffers from the same constraints experienced by many business users across the UK.

To get Internet connectivity that is fit-for-purpose, businesses need to assess how reliant they are on being connected, the level of performance required and ensure that the correct products are implemented.

Talk to Sentis to find out how to implement the correct Internet technology for your company and free your business to get ahead of the competition.