The Best Identity and Access Management Tools In 2023

Human interference – intentional or accidental – can throw your data protection and access permissions into total disarray. After all, password policies, security culture and compliance best practices depend on users following the rules. Yet, these rules are frequently not abided by.

However, the latest Cloud Identity and Access Management solutions reduce human error by enforcing authentication rules that cannot be broken. Therefore, your risk of data breaches, downtime and non-compliance is reduced.

Top Identity And Access Management Tools For SMEs

In this guide, we spotlight 6 of the best IAM tools available in 2023 and share their top unique benefits, so you can match Cloud Identity and Access Management solutions to your business security priorities.

The options mentioned below are Cloud Identity and Access Management tools with MDA, SSO, provisioning and integration. If you need help with on-premises IAM, please drop us a message [here] for a free telephone consultation.

  1. Microsoft Azure Directory
  2. Google Cloud IAM
  3. AWS IAM
  4. OneLogin
  5. Okta
  6. Ping Identity


1. Microsoft Azure Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory provided IAM tools for managing user identities and accessing apps and resources within Azure environments. If you use Microsoft 365, Azure AD can be a great option because it integrates with other Microsoft cloud services, including Azure Marketplace tools.

  • Seamless integration with familiar Microsoft products
  • Conditional access policies to match specific scenarios, designed by you
  • Self-service password reset to reduce IT helpdesk workload


2. Google Cloud IAM

Google’s IAM manages access to Google Cloud Platform resources, such as Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and BigQuery. In addition, Google Cloud IAM integrates with existing identity providers (like Active Directory) and IaaS solutions. Therefore, it’s a good option for reducing overheads and boosting efficiency associated with Cloud Identity and Access Management tools.

  • Hierarchal management simplifies the permissions granting process
  • Detailed audit logs available within a user-friendly dashboard
  • Easily scalable, so ideal for businesses that work with third parties or plan to grow



Amazon’s offering provides all the Cloud Identity and Access Management tools you’d expect and fantastic integration with AWS services like Amazon S3 and EC2. These features allow you to authenticate critical cloud environments better. In addition, AWS IAM tools are user-friendly and straightforward. Therefore, they are a good starting point for those upgrading Identity and Access Management solutions.

  • Temporary access to trusted external users with Identity Federation
  • IAM Access Advisor provides helpful and timely permissions recommendations
  • Supports compliance with PCI DSS, SOC 2 and many more regulatory standards


4. OneLogin

Boasting one of the largest integration portfolios, OneLogin Cloud Identity and Access Management tools connect with over 7,000 external applications. With OneLogin, it’s super easy for admins to control user access to cloud environments. If you use a limited number of Microsoft, Google or Amazon cloud infrastructure, OneLogin IAM tools could be preferable.

  • Automated onboarding and offboarding of users to reduce errors and save time
  • Multiple MFA options, including biometrics and hardware tokens
  • Adaptive Access Control provides more access control customisations


5. Okta

Okta Cloud Identity and Access Management tools have a big focus on governance. Okta provides all your SSO, MFA and automated user provisioning tools. That’s besides IAM tools that help IT leaders keep on top of their Cloud Identity and Access Management strategy.

  • Adaptive MFA allows for dynamic adjustments if user behaviour changes
  • Lifecycle management automation keeps tight control of AD movements
  • Fine-grained control over permissions to enhance governance posture


6. Ping Identity

Ping Identity’s Identity and Access Management solutions are all about flexibility. They emphasise powering productivity with IAM tools and balancing risk, usability and user efficiency in Cloud Identity and Access Management. As such, it has fantastic support, coverage and deployment options.

  • Supports a wide range of protocols, including SAML, OAuth, OpenID and LDAP
  • Flexible deployment options, including public, private and hybrid cloud and on-prem
  • 24/7 customer service and user training support


In summary, these 6 Cloud Identity and Access Management solutions are all great picks for SMEs. They’ll help IT leaders bolster security posture, simplify user experience and get more from investments with clever integrations. Choose the right tool, and you’ll take much pain away from securing, regulating and controlling IT environments.


Get The Best Identity And Access Management Tools For Your Business

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