Windows Server 2003 support ends

By the summer of 2015 users of Windows Server 2003 will need to have found another platform to meet their needs and support their business critical software applications. The official date for end-of-life support for the server has been called and it looks as though July 14th 2015 will be the end of the road for this popular operating system.

With an estimated time-line of 200 days for user migration (and an apparent 1 million servers still in use), many businesses need to take swift action.

The Benefits of Microsoft for Businesses

Microsoft has dominated the business landscape for over 20 years, bringing server and desktop operating systems to the masses. With their easy to use Windows interface and low purchase cost, Microsoft spawned an entire ecosystem of software applications for small to medium sized businesses.

Windows 2003 has been a firm favourite of Microsoft users, with many businesses remaining loyal to the server instead of upgrading to newer operating systems. Now over ten years old, users of Windows 2003 originally experienced a change in service in 2010 when the delivery of support packages ended. Over the past four years online support has still been available but in just six months Windows 2003 will be an unsecure and unsupported system.

While Windows 2003 is saying its final goodbyes there are still an array of user-friendly platforms which can support businesses’ critical software applications.

Be Guided by Sentis

Businesses still in need of making the change to newer support systems can be guided by Sentis. Sentis have the knowledge and understanding of the often complex world of technology. Their aim is simple, but effective: they support businesses in finding a fit-for-purpose solution that is effective and easy-to-use.

By utilising Sentis, businesses can efficiently move on from Windows 2003 without the hassle of independently searching for an alternative. Providing assistance in all aspects of upgrading and migrating to new platforms; Sentis promise excellent customer service and IT support to rival the competition.

Combining years of experience and expertise, Sentis are offering technical support to those affected by the end of Windows 2003 server support. To find out more about this contemporary IT Managed Solutions company visit