Six really practical ways IT helps your business

(that aren’t immediately obvious)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Most of us use IT at work in one way or another. Whether that’s standard office applications for handling email, creating documents and crunching numbers or specialist software for your particular industry, computers are part of the fabric of the workplace.

But aside from making it easier to do your job, what else does IT bring to the party and are you making the most of the available opportunities?

Here’s our list of six practical ways that IT can help business:

  1. Finance – there’s a slew of accounting and finance applications that show you at a glance who owes you what, how much profit you’re making and all manner of other really helpful indicators for how your business is performing. Not long ago, staying on top of this would have been far more labour intensive and would have involved your Accountant a lot more. Information is power, use it wisely!
  2. Recruitment – IT offers many ways to assist in recruiting. From using Linkedin to search for and vet candidates to online job boards like Monster and Jobsite where you can pick from applicants that are looking for a new job. It’s now up to you, with no ads to place or hundreds of CVs and applications to wade through.
  3. Videoconferencing – the phrase ’global village’ might not be one that you hear so often in conversation these days, but it’s still completely valid. The proliferation of professional communication tools to allow you to chat via video with the equipment already built into most laptops really brings us closer together. Sydney, Hong Kong, Chicago or Huddersfield are all on your doorstep with tools like Skype for Business – distance is no object!
  4. Project Management – Basecamp, Zoho Projects & Wrike are incredibly powerful pieces of software that can help you manage and run projects (large and small). Even if it is just sharing Gantt charts automatically when they’re updated rather than emailing a new Excel spreadsheet every time something changes, you’ll be able to save time and make your project run more smoothly.
  5. File Management – Box, Dropbox and Google Drive all allow you to maintain your files in a way that doesn’t rely on a server in the corner of the office. Whether it is a sales person out on the road, remote workers or if you need access to documents outside of work hours, the restrictions that used to exist no longer apply. Break free!
  6. Automation – Zapier and Connectmyapps offer you the ability to connect existing cloud based software to perform specific tasks – and with NO coding or real technical skills required. These clever bits of tech wizardry simply repeat functions that you ask them to do. For example, attach an estimate from your accounts package to a client file in your CRM. Once it’s set up and switched on, you never need perform that task again.

Now, it would be easy to argue that the world of IT offers so many opportunities to improve your business, it’s actually overwhelming and therefore easier to ignore the possibilities and carry on as normal.

We’ve certainly worked with businesses which initially had that mindset, but with a little guidance, encouragement and the willingness to embrace small changes, the opportunities to make savings, improve efficiencies or improve the working environment of your employees is well worth the effort.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]