The manufacturing IT golden rules

The nature of manufacturing means that benefits of new technology can be felt almost
immediately. To ensure that your investments are well spent, and their positive effects felt
across the entire operation, we recommend working with an IT specialist who will follow
these three Manufacturing IT golden rules..

1. Pick the right product. Does it solve one or more problems and satisfy business
objectives? Will it integrate with existing systems? Will it add value to secondary
areas (such as customer service or distribution)? Depending on your business, you
may need a multitasker, several independent pieces of software or a more radical

2. Properly configure, straight away. This will save costly remedial action later down
the line, streamline the bedding in period and avoid disrupting the factory floor.
There’s nothing worth than having to rip something out and starting again.

3. Use it to its full potential. Tech solutions are there to make things work smarter, but
without your people getting on board, you face inefficiency and expense. An IT
specialist will ensure teams are trained and start using new tech immediately.

DR Manufacturing Guide

At Sentis, we don’t simply implement and programme an ERP. Using our Six Sigma
methodology, we go to great lengths to understand the inner workings of a business, and
where challenges lie. The insights gained from this important preparation work allows us to
deliver a strategic solution that focuses on improving processes and ensures that they work
exactly as you want them to.

We work with a host of manufacturers to adopt a lean business process, lowering costs and
resources associated with each step to ensure you stay competitive in today’s increasingly
challenging and technologically advanced market.

For help making your new technologies budget go further and advice about integrating it
with your business systems, speak to Sentis Managed Solutions on 0345 862 2930 or click

For more about IT in manufacturing, download our free IT Guide for Manufacturers.

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