The lifecycle to manufacturing cybersecurity resilience

As digital transformation has advanced, so has the sophistication of cybercrime. This has led to a perfect storm where businesses face the constant threat of frequent and severe cyberattack. In haste to protect operations, data, reputation and profits, some companies will overlook fundamental aspects of cyber resilience – making urgent fixes but neglecting the longer-term cybersecurity lifecycle.

But manufacturing cybersecurity resilience is never “complete”. It’s a continuous process which if not understood and followed, will expose you to unnecessary risk and costly, disruptive breaches.

Sentis already provides our customers with essential robust and resilient cybersecurity. But with cybercriminals getting sneakier, we’ve introduced new, next-generation services to our portfolio to help you achieve continuously watertight cybersecurity. Our infographic shows how we can help protect your business at every stage of the cybersecurity lifecycle.

Check out our infographic below, or download a full screen version here.


manufacturing cybersecurity resilience

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