How a service desk will benefit you!

There are many ways a service desk will benefit your company. With our main focus being a friendly and high quality customer experience; find out why having an IT support desk is the right way to go.

A helping hand– A service desk’s primary aim should be to ensure customers satisfaction, making every experience enjoyable. An IT helpdesk must provide a friendly and professional service, therefore whether you’re in need of IT support, technical guidance or just some friendly advice support should be available.

Whenever, wherever… – It is important that support is available wherever and whenever you need it. You never know when IT problems are going to occur, therefore Remote Support should be available 24 hours a day to avoid any major business impact.

So many updates! – In the IT world there is always ‘the latest upgrade’ or ‘an updated version’ on offer. A helpdesk can keep you up to date and explain the advantages and disadvantages of new releases, upgrades and services to ensure you are using and receiving the best quality service fit for you.

Techie terms – It can be very intimidating when speaking with experts trying to understand their technical language. It is important that any IT service desk not only discuss, but explain and break down all conversations into non-technical terms to help all customers feel comfortable and gain a full understanding of any situation.

Varied expertise – With a set of highly trained and experienced team members, support desks can combine a great amount of knowledge from different areas, in order to resolve your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible and keep business impact to an absolute minimum. This is one of main advantages of using an experienced and highly trained support desk.

Nothing to hide – A good help desk will often give you access to an online portal, which provides you with access to all updates, status changes and the progress of any calls that you log. In addition customers should receive frequent email updates, to ensure all information is clearly communicated between the customer and the service desk.

It is important that you choose a Service desk that considers all of the above when supporting your IT. Here at Sentis we understand the key aspects of a good helpdesk and a high quality service. For more information please contact us on 0800 652 0804