Five benefits of hiring a Managed Services Provider to handle your IT

Outsourcing your IT function gives you access to a larger team of IT experts with more knowledge than you may have in house. Don’t be afraid to ask for and take advantage of the expertise that a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can provide. Whether it’s dealing with day-to-day requests, large migrations or strategic IT issues, your MSP should be proactive in helping you solve business problems and improve the environment you work in.

Here are some tangible benefits you can gain from working with the right partner.

Make cost savings

Employing a full-time expert in every technology and software is cost prohibitive for many businesses, not just SMEs. Having a team of experts at the fraction of the cost of hiring these full-time roles can allow you to channel budget elsewhere.

Maximum service levels and guaranteed Service Level Agreements

Most MSPs, us included, work to Service Level Agreements, meaning that you can understand clearly how and when jobs will be resolved. This is particularly useful when critical tech or infrastructure goes down, so you know how we will approach and resolve any issues.

Extra pairs of eyes

It can be difficult for an in-house technician to spot every network issue on their own, and it’s impossible to do so if you don’t have the requirement for, or money to, pay someone full time. A reputable MSP will have remote monitoring and management tools at their disposal, meaning we can resolve issues as they come up.

Stronger IT security

MSPs are the experts in IT security and have access to a range of trusted vendors, who’s business is IT security. Therefore, we can offer a variety of solutions based on your requirements and budgets. It’s also a key responsibility of your MSP to highlight ways in which your business can be more secure, so ask them to review your security regularly.

Better vendor relationships

As an MSP, we deal with any number of vendors depending on the needs of our clients. Therefore, we can get the best deals on improvements to hardware, software and services and these savings can be passed on to you, which you are unlikely to benefit from if you contacted a vendor directly. Some also don’t sell their services directly to end customers, so speak to an MSP about how they can leverage the best prices and technology for you.

Overall, hiring an MSP to outsource your IT makes a lot of sense, and it’s not just of benefit for the SME end of the market, either. The HR requirements are minimal, and it means you can rest assured that your IT is taken care of. Any MSP worth its weight should be telling you of these benefits and leave you to do what you do best – running your business.

Whether you need a short-term support contract or want to speak to a provider about improving your infrastructure, contact us today for a free audit.