Cloud – do you need it?

Many businesses are now wholly reliant on software applications to function day to day. In fact, without these critical business systems, most businesses are unable to manage deliveries, stock, invoicing or even basic customer communication.

So where is your main software application?

And where is the data within it?

For the overwhelming majority, it is stored and running on a local server in their head office or primary location. But the majority of business owners are unaware of how well these servers are being managed, if the data is backed up successfully and how the disaster recovery plan works in the event of a server failure or disaster at the head office.

With the advent of shared computing platforms, commonly referred to as ’the Cloud’, it’s no wonder that business owners are wondering if this is something that they should be considering.

There are many concerns around considering Cloud Computing as a solution for such critical business data; is my data safe in the Cloud, where is my data when I need it, what if my Internet connection fails…

If you choose the right Cloud platform it is significantly more secure than most local server implementations. Companies like Sentis invest significant amounts in high-end security equipment, and servers run in highly secure datacentres with backup power feeds and resilient Internet connections. Data backup and recovery services are tested regularly and you benefit from this enterprise grade service, without the upfront investment.

Sentis have been helping business owners see the benefits of Cloud Computing for over 6 years now, addressing concerns with practical solutions to ensure that businesses can benefit from the greater performance, higher security and increased flexibility that Cloud Computing brings. But Cloud Computing isn’t for everyone; not all applications are suitable, and not all businesses will benefit.

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