Celebrating our ISO 27001 certification

Sentis is pleased to announce we have been awarded the prestigious ISO 27001 for information security management. This means we are certified to the highest industry standard for the management of digital information hosted, processed and protected by our IT solutions. We’re delighted that our commitment to protecting our customers’ financial information, sensitive data and intellectual property has been recognised on such a scale!

Sentis customers can now benefit from the systems and audit trails that meet increasingly complex compliance and governance standards required to win new business. By using our infrastructure over building and managing alone, customers get full-time accountability while saving huge amounts of time and budget.

To award 27001, the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) demands that strict requirements are met for technology, methods and information security management. In addition to implementing and maintaining the latest rigorous standards in digital information security, candidates must also prove a dedication to continual improvement.

We’re proud that Sentis – with our physical and digital data security, transparent, tight processes and next-generation IT solutions – passed with flying colours. This achievement is the result of months of hard work from the team and a huge cause for celebration.

Is your IT managed service provider ISO 27001 accredited? To benchmark the security of your current solutions, contact Sentis on 0345 862 2930. Or to reveal where IT can work harder and smarter in your organisation, book a free IT audit by emailing itaudit@sentisms.com