Security Operations Centre Managed Services

24/7 threat hunting, analysis, and response from a coordinated team of elite cybersecurity specialists, armed with the best SIEM technology.

So, you can defend your business from hard-hitting threats without hiring a CISO.

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    Cybersecurity is More Than Software

    A Security Operations Centre is so effective because it’s people-powered. Highly-trained analysts, responders, and investigators work constantly to unearth new risks and rapidly act on threats in real-time.

    SIEM technology is a strategic tool to make teams faster, leaner and smarter – not a replacement for priceless knowledge.

    With SOC Managed Services, you get concentrated security skills, CISO accountability and an impenetrable security posture without the cost of hiring a top-tier team.

    • Proactive and continuous threat hunting to reduce neutralisation time, combining SIEM with advanced discovery technologies
    • SIEM technology to aggregate all alert data to understand threat scope and severity
    • SIEM triaging to prioritise and escalate alerts based on business risk and impact
    • Initiate responses and countermeasures from a central SOC team to disrupt or contain incidents
    • Understand security posture improvements with post-event analysis from real people

    Monitor, Safeguard and Manage in Real-Time

    Sentis’ Security Operations Centre Managed Services enables you to modernise without risk, operate with confidence and guarantee that data and service are safe. It is the most effective way to defend your business from the smartest threat actors without employing a CISO.

    We combine intelligent threat alerts with SIEM data aggregation and analytics and response from a dedicated SOC team.

    Reinforce Security Posture

    With its coordinated, real-time view of your entire IT infrastructure security, a SOC resolves and prevents security issues across multiple locations rapidly.

    Control Costs

    Centralised functions and strategic automation use resources efficiently. Managed Services allow you to benefit from concentrated, varied expertise without the internal cost.

    Promote Confidence

    Elite responses and posture prevent the breaches that erode trust with customers and regulators and enable the safe progress of digital transformation.


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    How a Security Operations Centre Works

    Consolidate threat visibility, coordinate security skill and prioritise responses based on business impact. Here’s how a SOC works.


    SIEM, behavioural analytics, anomaly analytics and deception technologies.

    Initial investigation:

    Score and merge threats against a risk assessment matrix before triage.


    Threat events are categorised by criticality and responses are triggered.

    Advanced investigation:

    Develop understanding, build context and coordinate resources.


    SOC incident responders work to contain and diffuse the threat.

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      Complete Security Operations Centre Capability as a Managed Service

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      How we can help?

      Let us know if you’d like to discuss a SOC Managed Service or have a problem you think we can help with