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What will you learn?

Welcome to the IT Guide for Hotels eBook. Inside, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to make technology work harder in your hotel to deliver outstanding guest experiences, increased operational efficiency and an altogether stronger business.

This eBook includes jargon-free explanations of key IT infrastructure and how with simple changes, you can get far more benefit from tech. Within each section, you’ll also find a security risk briefing and next step guides.

Chapter Overview

PMS and Hosting:

Hosting options – including cloud and on-premise – and how deploying differently can effortlessly enhance service and operations.


How to achieve the best performing Wi-Fi and transform guest experience through the internet’s communicative power.


Why IT should be geared to provide a joined-up experience, how to go about integrating systems and the service, productivity and profitability benefits.


Best practice and ongoing processes for managing personal data and using it to personalise and enrich guest experiences.


The credit card crime threats affecting hotels, and straightforward ways to secure your payment network whilst remaining compliant.

New Technologies:

The best new and emerging technologies which hotels can harness them to drive efficiency, service, growth and competitiveness.